• aku aku

    Old PS nostalgia! Aku Aku from Crash Bandicoot games!

  • arrow in knee

    Well known quite from Skyrim gane. Also a nordic saying which means getting married.

  • blaster

    Blaster Gun sound. Star Wars stuff!

  • borderland

    Intro from Borderland game

  • combo breaker

    C-C-C-Combobreaker from game Killer Instinct!

  • counter strike

    Go go go! From: Counter Strike! 😀

  • creeper


  • cs italy

    Epic song played in Counter-Strike map “cs_italy” The original song is from Luciano Pavarotti – E Il Sol Dell’anima.

  • demacia

    DEMACIAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (SPIN SPIN SPIN) Garen’s shout from League of Legends (PC video game)

  • demacia lux

    Lux can also DEMACIAAAAA

  • do a barrel roll

    This is Peppy. Do a barrel roll! (Press Z or R twice). Epic quote from Star Fox 64!

  • donkey kong jr

    8 bit tune from Donkey Kong Jr NES game!

  • ea games

    E..A.. Games: Challenge Everything (Fool everyone).

  • ea sports

    Quote from every EA sports game (FIFA, NFL, CURLING)!

  • fatality

    Sound from Mortal Kombat.

  • finish him

    Finish Him!, sound from Mortal Kombat , where you were able to do an epic fatality to your opponent

  • fire in the hole

    Counter-Strike (PC videogame) radio communication. Grenade about to explode!

  • gamecube intro

    ニンテンドーゲームキューブ Nintendō GēmuKyūbu console, released in 2002. Still used by old school Super Smash Bros players!

  • guile theme

    Goes with everything

  • hadouken

    Ryu’s quote from Street Figther:

  • headcrab

    Half-Life headcrab about to jump!

  • holy shit

    holy shit! Sound from Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament games.

  • humiliation

    Unreal Tournament sound ( PC Video Game ). Also known in Counter-Strike modded servers.

  • i have no idea


  • jiggi

    Banjo Kazooie jigsaw piece!

  • kirby invincibility

    Because Mario’s not the one who can have an invincible mode! Epic kirby motivation time!

  • luigi mamma mia

    Mamma miaaaaaaa!

  • mario 1up

    Ouh yeah! I got a new life!

  • mario coin

    More coins, I need more coins to get an extra life.

  • mario fanfare

    Level finished in a Super Mario gane.

  • mario invincible

    The best power-up at Mario’s world 🙂

  • mario lose

    GG. WP.

  • mario underground

    Song played when playing the dungeon maps in Super Mario Bros!

  • medic

    Heavy’s yell for some heal! From TeamFortress2 PC videogame.

  • metal gear alert

    Snake, somebody saw you. Please, stay away from your enemies next time… *facepalm*

  • metal gear call

    tirititi! tiriti.. snake? snake!?

  • metal gear mantis

    Ost from Metal Gear Solid videogame. Mantis vs Snake.

  • metal gear snake

    Game over sound from metal gear solid.

  • metroid

    Your favorite bounty hunter! From Metroid Prime (Videogame)

  • money money

    Killing Floor sound. Who needed money?

  • mortal kombat

    Theme song from the epic fighting videogame Mortal Kombat. FATALITY

  • nuclear launch

    Starcraft stuff: Everybody search the red spot before the boom!

  • pacman death

    Death sound in Pacman videogame!

  • pentakill

    You are awesome! Sound from League of legends videogame.

  • pokemon battle

    Pokémon theme at trainer battles.

  • pokemon heal

    Thanks for healing my Pokemons ^^

  • portal gun

    Portal being opened in Portal games (Portalception).

  • portal turret

    She doesn’t hate you 🙂

  • portal turret opera

    Portal 2 song at the end of the game. Pretty awesome!

  • portal turret salute

    Portal turret salutes you!

  • ps3 trophy

    Sound effect when you get a trophy playing a PS3 videogame. Special thanks to Larger.

  • rabbids

    Rayman Raving Rabbids yell sound (Multiplatform Videogame).

  • roggan

    Age of Empires epicness inside a button!

  • sc terran

    When you hear this sound you should have, at least, 15vce’s 5 marines and a tank.

  • sega

    SEEEEEEEGAAAAAAAAAA (For Sega MegaDrive Lovers).

  • shoryuken

    Right. Down. RightDown. Punch! SHORYUKEN!!!! (From Street Fighter games).

  • shotgun

    “Metal Slug” sound effect when picking a shotgun.

  • sims achievement

    Sound effect from the game “The Sims” from Maxis (Electronic Arts). You have raised one point in Logic.

  • sims win

    Sound effect from “The Sims” videogame when you got a promotion.

  • skull kid

    Skullkid laugh from Zelda Majora’s Mask videogame.

  • skyrim

    We used to play epic sounds from skyrim… but then we took an arrow to the knee.

  • slender

    Slenderman is coming! From slender videogames.

  • sonic invincible

    Song from Sonic: The Hedgehog (Sega Mega Drive videogame).

  • still alive

    Glad0s ending song for “P0rtal” videogame.

  • super meat boy

    Announcement of Super Meat Boy game. Responsible of smashing tons of keyboards

  • super smash bros

    I will choose Kirby. You will lose

  • tank

    TA TA TAAAAAANKKKKKKK! Quote from Left 4 dead (Videogame).

  • team fortress2

    Sound from Team fortress (video game).

  • tekken get ready

    Announcer sound before a fight in Tekken 6 Videogame.

  • tetris

    No words needed to explain this.

  • tf2 behind you

    Spy’s Quote. From Team Fortress 2 PC videogame.

  • tf2 fanfare

    Team Fortress 2 opening fanfare from “Meet the – ” videos.

  • tf2 kaboom

    “Team Fortress 2” sound effect from demoman.

  • tf2 pyro

    Pyro’s quote from Team Fortress 2 PC videogame.

  • the sims tv

    Sound from TV’s while playing “The Sims”.

  • toasty

    Hilarious sound effect. An easter egg from Mortal Kombat as Dan Forden shouts “Toasty!”

  • warcraft2 sheep

    For those who love to explode sheep at Warcraft II (PC videogame).

  • worms bye bye

    Famous quote from Worms Armaggedon ( PC videogame).

  • zelda hey listen

    Navi wants your attention! From Zelda (Nintendo 64 videogame).

  • zelda item

    The sound of Zelda played when you found an item.

  • zelda lullaby

    ZzzzZZZzzzZzzzz Wake up Link!

  • zelda secret

    The sound of Zelda played when you found a secret.