• acdc

    AC DC – Back in Black. 1980’s hit. Still rocking today!

  • ai seeu te pego

    Nossa Nossa… Michel Telo’s most known song… actually the only one known..

  • bad to the bone

    I´m a bad boy!

  • beegees

    1. Raise your speakers 2. Press button 3. Walk EPICNESSESS.

  • beverly hills

    OST Tune known from 1984 film “Beverly Hills Cop”

  • bonnie tyler

    Bonnie Tyler’s song “Faster than the speed of light”.

  • call me maybe

    Carly Rae Jepsen single “Call me maybe” Hey! I just met you…

  • cant touch this

    EPIC song! video:

  • careless whisper

    George Michael’s hit “Careless Whisper” from 1984. He knows better than you how to conquer a lady!

  • champions

    World known tune from Queen “We are the champions”

  • chocolate rain

    Tay Zonday moves away from the mic to breathe in.

  • ding ding dong

    Ding ding dong! oh you touch my tralala

  • dogs out

    Epic phrase from Baha men song.

  • dont worry be happy

    Bobby McFerrin gave to the world one of the most important piece of advice ever back in 1988.

  • europe

    It’s the final countdown! Swedish group Europe hit.

  • eye of the tiger

    Motivation music from Rocky films.

  • free falling

    Tom Petty’s song “Free Falling”.

  • gangnam style


  • gangsta rap nigga

    Music meme from Internet.

  • gentleman

    2nd hit from PSY. Not as good as Gangnam Style but…

  • got the power

    Snap song “I’ve got the power!”

  • in the mood

    Glenn Miller most known song.

  • jingle bells

    Christmas time! Tipical jingle from christmas!

  • let the bodies

    Drowning Pool song “Bodies”.

  • macarena

    EEEEEEEEH MACARENA!!!! AAAUH!!!! Epic song of all time!

  • nirvana

    “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. One of the most known guitar riffs from the 90s.

  • norman green

    baum: Norman Greenbaum known riff from “Spirit in the Sky”.

  • oompa loompa

    They will work for chocolate! (From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie)

  • po pi po

    The world’s most famous hologram

  • pop corn

    1969 electronic song which provides epicness nowadays.

  • raining men

    Weather girls total hit “It’s raining men”.

  • rock you

    Buddy you’re a boy make a big “instant” Playin’ in the “internet” gonna be a big “lulz” some day. Another epic Queen song.

  • rodolfo

    Spanish stuff: Well known christmas sound to say goodbye to this 2011!

  • sexy and knowit

    LMFAO isn’t afraid to show it!

  • spanish flea

    Best known by Herb Alpert. 60s tune and also appears in some episodes of “The Simpsons”

  • we wish you

    We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

  • what is love

    Song from A Night at the Roxbury movie and Saturday Night Live “Roxbury Guys” sketches.

  • wubwubwubwub


  • ya tu sabe

    You know nothing Jon Snow!